Revolutionizing Solar Energy: Self-Assembling Nanoparticles for High Efficiency Absorption

Concentrated solar power and solar water heating are promising renewable energy options, but they face challenges in maintaining high absorption while suppressing energy dissipation. However, a team of researchers from Harbin University, Zhejiang University, Changchun Institute of Optics, and the National University of Singapore have developed a solution to this problem.

Green Horizon: Researchers in Australia successfully produce green hydrogen from seawater

Researchers in Australia, an island nation, have successfully split seawater to produce green hydrogen without pre-treatment. An international chemical engineering team, led by the University of Adelaide’s Professor Shizhang Qiao and Associate Professor Yao Zheng, were motivated by the fact that the only thing emitted by hydrogen fuel is water.

Developing next-generation vaccine for Covid-19

In a step towards the next-generation vaccine for Covid-19, researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have used the body’s own immune cells in developing a nano-vaccine unlike current vaccines that use synthetic materials to package and deliver antigens. Researchers said this approach could also be used for various other infectious diseases such as dengue.

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