Empowering Traditional Artisans: Lessons from India’s PM-Vishwakarma Scheme

Empowering Traditional Artisans: Lessons from India’s PM-Vishwakarma Scheme

On March 11, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the government has been working towards improving the skills of millions of young people through initiatives such as the Skill India Mission and the Kaushal Vikas Kendras. Speaking at a post-budget webinar on ‘PM Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman (PM VIKAS),’ he explained that these schemes have created numerous job opportunities for the youth in India.

Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges: India’s Approach to Humanitarian Aid and Inclusivity

According to the External Affairs Ministry, India will be sending 20,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan via the Chabahar Port in Iran to address the current humanitarian crisis. In addition, India held its first India-Central Asia Joint Working Group on Afghanistan in New Delhi where the current political, security, and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan was discussed with participants.

Transparency and Trust: Best Practices for Influencer Advertising on Social Media

A set of guidelines titled ‘Endorsements Know-hows’ has been released by the India for celebrities, influencers, and virtual influencers on social media platforms. The primary aim of these guidelines is to prevent individuals from misleading their audiences when endorsing products and services, and to ensure compliance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Empowering the Workforce: Lessons in Skill Development from India’s Prime Minister

During this morning’s post-budget webinar on “Harnessing Youth Power – Skilling and Education”, India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi addressed the audience and highlighted that this budget focuses on building a practical and industry-oriented education system. He recognized that the education sector has been rigid and emphasized his government’s efforts to reorient education and scaling to align with the aptitude of the youth and the demands of the future.

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